Best Gun Safes Reviewed & Compared in 2019


Do you think you own the best gun safe to secure your firearms from potential rifle related incidents? A new study on gun storage from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Institute of Public Health reveals the majority of American gun owners do not store their weapons safely.

An astounding 54% of Americans do not store their firearms safely, as they should. This is a sure call for alarm as you are already aware of the numerous gun related deaths we’ve witnessed in the past; particularly from teenagers as young as thirteen.

Gun owners are required to follow specific State laws on gun storage. All domestic owned weapons must be locked in a gun safe, discreetly, and away from children or unauthorized persons. Domestic gun ownership increases the risk of uncalled for murders, suicides, and accidental shootings within the home. Practicing safe gun storage in your home reduces these risks.

Gun safes may perhaps seem costly at first glance, but do not forget that you’re protecting your family from fatal accidents. They also act as a safety box for your other valuables such as vital documents or jewelry, so the price is somehow justified.

In this article, we’ve detailed the best gun safe reviews including essential features plus the pros and cons.

Top 10 Best Gun Safe Compared

Gun safes are necessary for those of us who cannot live without a firearm for apparent reasons. Mine is pretty genuine. My kids come first, so I have to protect us from danger and them from self-destruction, with my gun. I would feel guilty if anything happened to my kids.

I’ve had several guns over the years, and I feel confident writing a best gun safe review based on experience. So check out my list of best gun safe reviews below.

1. GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe – Best Handgun Safe

The GunVault SV 500 is robust and secure to keep the kids from retrieving my firearms. It has a pretty easy coding combination. (You can choose between several numbers to simple 2-digit entries). The LED light inside is a relief but doesn’t stay on for long.

The foam inside is stable and secure, keeps your firearm from moving. I like that this vault offers the best value gun safe to secure your pistol and other extras such as ammunition and jewelry or classified documents. No wonder why its called the best handgun safe on the market.


  • The safe has a biometric activation button and fingerprint scanner. You can key in up to 20 individual Fingerprint trials before it locks up.
  • Rapid access drop-down drawer, for quick access
  • Interior dimensions are 2.25 inch by 5.75 inches by 8.5 inch
  • 18- Meter steel fabrication, with a protective foam-lined interior
  • Flexible to mount on walls, in any direction.
  • Accurate fittings making the vault difficult to break in
  • Weighs 7 pounds
  • Spare alkaline batteries required (19V)
What we liked
  • The GunVault SV 500 is impressive except for a few minor flaws. It is thick and secure enough to keep unauthorized individuals from accessing it, particularly the kid.
  • The combination is easy to program and use, and the best part about it is that you can use a single digit entry or multiple numbers in one entry.
  • The LED light works fine though it would have been better if it were longer than the current measurements.
  • The foam fits securely keep your handgun from moving.
  • The vault is big enough to lock your firearm and ammo beside the pistol.
  • Flexible Foam. You can cut it to stash more ammo underneath it.
What we didn't like
  • The vault hardware provided, i.e., the mounting plate screws are cheap and short precisely the mounting plate screws provided. They are about 1/2″ bite).
  • With a few stomps to the mounted vault, it would cave in easily.
  • Another concern is the thumb screws used to mount the vault to the base plate. I found them weak and small.

Overall, this safe is easy to install, and it takes a few seconds to retrieve your firearm. I wish it was just a bit wider or had a compartment to store an extra magazine in it. It is compact enough to do its mandated job.

You can rest easy on the safety department. The size is smaller than I expected, but I can live with that.

The biometrics work fine except it took me a while to learn the program. I took all my fingerprints to be on the safe side and get access swiftly whenever I needed to open the safe.

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2. Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security

The Stack-On Gun safe brand is a popular brand that meets all the Gun Storage Law regulations and has been considered as a top value gun safe. It has a great electronic adaptable security safe with a two-way lock system with thick six lock up bolts and a wholly carpeted interior.

This safe model also features large, tough, bolting screws, concealed hinges, and end-to-end steel joint deadbolts, providing tight security. The masked joints make it easier to navigate the door and hold it intact once you open the vault. Stack-On safes have a compact custom- shaped barrel rests. The cask design accommodates both shotguns and rifles.

Stack-On Special Features

  • Holds up to twenty two rifles with an approx.54 inches in height, or 11 long guns
  • Has four interior bendable shelves
  • The exterior finishing includes a black epoxy coat blended with silk tones and chrome shades on the door
  • The interior is entirely covered in quality moisture-resistant carpeting.
  • The safes come with a strong, and secure electronic lock
  • Inbuilt security lights for opening the safe. The lights also blink brightly when cautioning for low battery lighting and when you key in the correct log in codes.
What we liked
  • Excellent customer care delivery services. Solid, reliable gun safe.
  • Not heavy (weighs 240lbs).
  • Safe home deliveries. The vault arrives intact with no damages.
  • Easy to set up and key-in the digital combination codes
  • Nice vault, spacious with plenty of room for extra guns and ammo.
  • More room left to stash away cash essential documents and jewelry.
What we didn't like
  • Faulty electronic lock that does not work.
  • No phone number attached to the manual that comes with the merchandise.
  • No web address to communicate with client support or customer service.
  • The only available contact lets you order more keys at ten dollars per key.
  • The vault system does not recognize codes; even the factory set code to unlock it. Poor non-responsive customer service.

Reasonable solid gun safe, excellent delivery service also helped with installation. The safe is not as heavy as I’d expected, nor is it bulky on the weight, but it offered quite some relief when carrying it up the staircase. It weighs 240lbs, excellent security features, and thick steel. Tight bolts on the door, worth the price ($500). The handgun safe is more secure than most lightweight vaults available in the market.

The electronic lock takes a while to work. Some people have reported it as entirely dysfunctional. I presume some vaults come with manufacturing defects and need replacing as soon as you notice the technical problems, while others work just fine.

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3. VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe - Best Nightstand Gun Safe

This is one of the best nighstand gun safes to mount on your bedside drawer. The smart pistol vault comes in a thin design and is small enough to fit perfectly in a traveling bag or underneath the seat of your car. You can also safely tuck it in your office drawer for quick access. It’s cleared by the traveling board and meets the Transportation Security Administration commercial airline weapon rules.

This sturdy cool safe is the right fit for range raiding handgun carrier. Easy to carry or anchor using the provided hardware for mounting, including a four ft. long 5mm diameter durable security cable. The safe is made from a tough 16-caliber thick casing to defend all your valuable weapons.

It contains anti-pry rods to thwart burglars from stealing your valuables. Robust internal hinges prevent external breaching. Two point anti-impact handles resist vigorous impacts. Vaultek safes keep your guns well protected.

I was looking for a flexible quick access gun safe because my kids are growing into little crawlers and can reach any cabinet in our home. We decided to buy a secure cabinet in which to lock up our guns as it was no longer safe to stack them in the regular drawers. This safe has great video how-to-tutorials on YouTube (check out Hickok45's channel).

Here’s a list of unique features I found satisfactory with what I consider it the best nightstand gun safe.

Improved anti-theft protection features such as:

  • Interior fixed hinges
  • Double edged anti-impact handles
  • Anti-pry bars

Other Features Include:

  • Enhanced interior security props for control against potential break-ins
  • Strong and sharp 16-gauge durable carbon steel assembly, with a buoyant dustcoat finish.
  • The external coat paint prevents corrosion and guarantees extended safety of your guns for many years.
  • The automatic safe door offers fast access to your weapon(s). You can quickly fetch your gun any time a crisis occurs.
  • Quick access to safe alternatives. The biometric fingerprint scanner or the swift backlit keypad.
  • Uses Smart and secure technology.
  • Accessible using your smartphone. You can open and close yourself with the push of a button on your phone.
  • Includes a rechargeable battery which requires charging every 3-4 months. You can charge your depleted battery for a max. of 3 hours using an enclosed micro-USB cable.
  • Reactive led light glows in darkness making it easier to find the safe with the glowing keypad.


  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Two extra manual keys
  • AC power adapter
  • Steel security cable
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Mounting hardware
  • Exterior dimensions: 11.5" wide X 2.75" tall X 9.0" deep
  • Interior dimensions: 11.0" wide X 2.0" tall X 5.75" deep
  • Tough, long-lasting 16-gauge carbon steel production with a resilient powder coat -prevents rust and safeguards your possessions for years to come.
  • Quick access to your firearms from the door using the Biometric fingerprint scanner.
What we liked
  • Vaultek Biometric gun safes come with Bluetooth features, a flexible keypad, and pre-set entry codes.
  • You can save two administrator entry codes and twenty diverse fingerprint code options.
  • Flexible joints with tough bolts to maneuver the safe door with ease.
  • The safe saves all log in details including tamper alerts, fingerprint details, and low battery indicator - all manageable via Bluetooth from the safe.
  • This Vaultek gun safe model is the only one devoid of sketchy flaws from the factory.
  • The battery holds a full charge for nearly 2-3 months depending on usage.
  • It is thick, with good weight on it. Secure enough for rough break-ins
  • The safe has a digital fingerprint scanner, phone app, 5digit code, and nighttime well-lit keys.
  • The fingerprint scanner is of standard quality and works just fine like the one on iPhones, only a bit slower.
  • Durable steel, well built with a stable door.
  • The interior finish can do better, but it works just fine.
  • Enough room to hold one or two guns.
What we didn't like
  • The keys on the dial pad have a semi-permanent paint that wears off with time, leaving you with blank keypads, so you have to improvise with substitute labels painted on the surface.
  • The button action requires extra effort to register your keyed in numbers. You have to press hard for the “click” sound.
  • To make any significant adjustments on your safe, you must install the app on your phone. Therefore, it does not help much if you do not own a smartphone.
  • Not large enough to hold multiple weapons plus ammo.
  • Once you login your password in the app it takes a while to re-lock. It may be too risky if you’re sharing your phone with the kids.
  • The pattern lock on the safe also presents a huge risk to your safe’s security. A pattern is more natural to manipulate than codes.
  • The app does not provide notifications on unauthorized entries or errors with the codes.
  • The safe opens with loud noise on the latch release. No element of surprise in case of a burglary.

Overall, this safe is of reasonable price and can serve you for years without significant complications. I've had mine for three years. I fit my shotguns comfortably in the safe, a Glock G43 and a Springfield XD mod 2. But there is no more room for extra magazines. The safe fits well in my bedside drawer despite its somewhat cumbersome weight. It has four methods of access (fingerprint scan, dial pad, Key, and the phone App) enough options to open the safe whenever you need to.

Overall there is plenty of good stuff with this portable handgun safe. The lighting settings are flexible if too bright or too dim. Just change to your preference. Security features top it up with 16-caliber steel construction; it is, therefore, a good investment. It may not be the best safe for long rifles or tech-freaks, but it works perfectly if you can live with the minor rectifiable defaults.

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4. Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe

Thi gun safe is a top, most sought after cabinet preferred by most gun owners with a bit of experience on safety features and usability. Stack-on Elite gun safe meets the firearms storage standards required by State governments on the East Coast of America.

Main Features

  • Elite Safe with an electronic Lock
  • Rated safe with fire-resistant ETL up to 1400˚ F that can last for 30 minutes of hot flames.
  • Secure and flexible on the dial pad.
  • External door inflates when exposed to heat, protecting the safe contents from potential fire damage.
  • Four-way locking system fortified with ten joints and impenetrable locking bolts.
  • Bulky steel with a 3-point door latch that rotates to expand and draw in the locking screws.
  • Fire resistant internal lining provides an active protective firewall.
  • Guaranteed warranty (five-year limit).
What we liked
  • Reasonably priced. Includes freight charges.
  • Fool-proof electronic lock powered by a 9-volt battery.
  • The vault construction quality is exceptional.
  • You can install this safe on a wood floor by fastening lag bolts.
  • Adaptable shelves and protective interior lining makes the safe moisture free adding to the gun safe's effectiveness.
  • Incredible Stack-On battery detection light with a 120-volt power receptacle.
  • Easy to set up from the manuals provided.
  • Ideal for storing pistols plus ammunition.
What we didn't like
  • Manual does not indicate on where to drill through the lining to find the anchoring holes.
  • Poor shipping and delivery. Poor packaging too.
  • Uneven shelves after mounting. The shelve compartment won’t level.
  • The safe comes in substandard steel. After bolting, the frame dents in badly. Overall, the entire safe was very poorly put together.

The Stack-On gun safe model is reasonably priced. It has an inferior quality mounting hardware. You may have to buy bigger bolts. The safe has three shelves, and firm handles on the door. The two screws packaged with the safe won’t work, too small and weak so be ready to upgrade the bolts. Its secured with eight chunky deadbolts to aid in the door opening. Besides the size of the vault, the price was reasonable. Great value for money.

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5. STEALTH Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box New and Improved

This gun safe has an amazing, flexible pop-up door, and rifle racks to mount at least three hanging weapons of your choice (pistols). The handgun racks are made of solid steel rods to support to your handguns. The rods are covered with heat reducing tubing, and a protective outer coat to prevent regular wear and tear of the thick steel bars.


Quick Access

  • Flexible rods to hang your guns in the store safe. Provides flexibility when retrieving your guns in case of a break-in.
  • Thick double spring pop-up access door
  • The door is too heavy; the manufacturer added a speed reducer that halts the door to prevent untimely slamming each time the safe opens.
  • Four Bolt Down Holes, Straw/Pick Proof and Free Security Cable,
  • The depth and latch strength of the safe it virtually impossible for unauthorized entry.
  • Four bolt down holes located at the bottom of the safe.
  • The security cable ensures intruders do not get away with the safe along with solid steel construction, and a thick triple door – Straw and Pick-proof door.
  • Holds 3 hanging Handguns and a few handguns flat-placed on the surface.
  • Solid steel gun safe with innovative welded lock housing.
  • External Sizes: W x 12″ 9″ H x 9″ D / Weighs: 20 lbs /
  • CA DOJ approved.
What we liked
  • Solid built, safe with reasonable pricing.
  • Secure code setting on the dial pads. Pretty simple to change the codes too.
  • Flexible buttons with night vision features; a blue light appears on the dial pad when you key in your codes.
  • The 1st button on the dial pad has a dimple for ease of use in the dark.
  • Foam coated dense barrel pegs
  • Five holes on the bottom used to secure the safe on the wall, on the shelves, or on the floor to prevent theft.
  • Padded interior contains thin foam to keep your guns safe from scratches.
What we didn't like
  • Loud, annoying beep on the keypad when pressed. You cannot open the safe discreetly.
  • You have to long-press on the keypad when registering your codes patiently. It takes about half a second to accept a number and move to the next digit.
  • The interior light is aimed right at the bottom of the safe. If you have a pistol hanging in the center, the light won’t illuminate it.
  • Not enough room in the safe to utilize the barrel pegs as well as the shelves

The pistol hanger is permanently fixed, that is a drawback, but it’s nice to have the shelf in the safe. Great interior red lights, not too bright to attract attention but good enough to let you pick the gun/s you need.

Warning! The safe has a horrible stench with all that glue mixed with steel. It would be wise if you air your Stealth safe for at least 48hours before mounting it in your house. Other than that this safe is, well made and quite durable.

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6. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 - Best Biometric Gun Safe

The Barska Biometric Gun Safe uses fast accessibility to your rifles with a quick scan of your fingerprint.

It contains a detachable barrel holder for your weapons and allows proper and flexible safekeeping of your guns and ammo.

The safe has extra security features, which include six mounting points located at the back of the safe. You can pick the safest place to mount the safe. It has a compact three-point deadbolt locking system made of hard steel.


  • Includes a backup key lock hidden in the face-plate in case of battery failure.
  • Advanced biometrics –retains up to 120 fingerprints
  • Prompt home defense – 2.5 seconds Biometric scan unlocks the safe instantly for swift firearm access during emergencies and that’s why its consided as the best biometric gun safe.
  • DOJ -approved security – assembled with solid steel, three deadbolts, and protective ends, to avoid prying and tampering.
  • Rock-hard & mountable – the biometric fingerprint safe fits virtually anywhere for and holds up to FOUR handguns
  • Backup access –hidden keys and keyhole
  • Emergency battery pack available when the battery runs low
What we liked
  • Small safe designed to provide fast access to your guns in an emergency situation.
  • Barska Safe is designed to open using the biometric fingerprint scanner.
  • Registers individual fingers multiple times (max 120 fingerprints) using different angles to ensure that the scanner learns your fingerprint correctly to prevent a lockout situation in case of an emergency.
  • Barska biometric safe is a slim safe best used for emergencies. It is best to mount it in your bedroom, or study room, or an ideal location for quick emergencies in case of a beak in.
  • The safe has a reserve key lock hidden under an engraved plate placed at the interior of the gun safe. The plate is safeguarded using two head screws.
What we didn't like
  • Barska safes do wear out as years go by. The hinges and screws may not withstand longevity and fluctuating weather conditions.
  • Two small tack joints hold the hinges in place.
  • Some safes have trouble when registering the biometric fingerprints. Let’s say it requires non-brazen fingers to register your fingerprints successfully.
  • Small sized, cannot fit too many firearms. Hard to fit large items unless you place them diagonally.
  • No lighting when the door opens, no soft interior lining.

This is the best safe to store your exclusive gun collection and expensive jewelry. It will fit long guns (2, depending on accessories) and a revolver on the top shelf and a few other items. However, it's an ideal gun storage vault for emergencies in case of a possible dangerous shootout.

I would suggest removing the nameplate when setting up in case of a botched thumbprint attempt. The beep feature is a tad too loud, and it’s probably best to open the safe with this feature turned off. Other than the small troubles, that you can learn to live with, this is a useful safe.

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7. Homak 10-Gun Security Corner Cabinet, Black, HS30136010

This safe is reliable, stable, and well built. It is not as large as one expects in a smart gun safe. It is a tad smaller than I expected it would be. The biometric pad works well, no hitches there. It’s safe to register a couple of fingerprints from all angles to make your unlocking moments instant and error-free. The beep is annoying and loud once you begin fingerprinting.

You can easily turn off the beeping if you want to enjoy discreet moments when opening your gun safe. The Homak 10-Gun is on the approved firearms and safety devises list in California.

Main Features

  • Higher security level for your firearms
  • Quick firearm access 2.5 seconds for home defense
  • Childproof firearm storing for your family’s safety
  • Approved by the Department of Justice as a sturdy gun safe made of solid steel, sturdy deadbolts, and extra firm protective edges
  • One year limited warranty
  • Advanced biometrics technology, retains a max of 120 fingerprints
  • Compact & mountable – This safe fits almost anywhere for unmatched handiness.
  • Stores up to 4 rifles and midsized handguns
  • Backup access – Extra unlock features with a hidden keyhole and keys.
  • Battery included for  emergency powering when the battery runs low
What we liked
  • The safe comes already assembled. You need to mount it
  • Great safe, lightweight, for the price.
  • Hidden emergency safe key. Must be anchored to a wall.
  • It's well-built, stable, and reliable.
  • The biometric pad works efficiently after the initial trial.
  • I captured multiple fingers at different angles, and unlocking the gun safe is now instant.
  • Options settings to turn off the loud beep sound.
  • Batteries last for a long time, keeping the safe well lit every time I open it.
What we didn't like
  • The safe comes in plain sight, with a flimsy grey lining, but the floor is just sheet metal inside.
  • Won’t fit long rifles such as the AR-15, it’s an essential locker for handguns and probably just 1 AR-15 rifle.
  • This safe will not protect your gun in a fire and unless you secure it to the wall.
  • The fingerprint biometric does not register easily.
  • A few issues with delivery and accessories. Some safes do not include accessories.

The safe turned out smaller than anticipated. Way smaller than advertised but it serves its purpose well. The overall product is compact and unbreakable. The safe is too heavy and may fall forward if not mounted. Quality product but could be larger.

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8. Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe with 13.5 Inch Dean Safe Pistol Sock

Built with massive 10-caliber solid steel with a thick door, this safe is stable and reliable. It is practically unbreakable, and even more difficult to dent it. Fort Knox handgun safe has a secure hinge positioned under the door to prevent the safe from sudden attacks. It has a unique, and fast simplex automatic power-driven lock, easy to unlock with over one thousand different combinations.

The vintage silver covering design gives a resilient and incredible finish that elucidates strength and superiority. Inside the safe, lies beautiful egg crate foam lining to help protect your guns from destruction or abrasions. You can comfortably fit one or two guns depending on the size of your rifles.


  • Solid steel body assembly with a thick resistant door
  • Push-button fast opening Biometric locking device
  • Gas assisted heavy-duty door
  • Manufactured with a lifetime gun safe Warranty
  • Measurements: 4-1/4″h x 12-1/2 “w x 10-3/8″d
What we liked
  • Pre-drilled holes in the base of the safe make it convenient for bolting practically anywhere.
  • These pistol boxes exceed the CA Department of Justice firearms safety box requirements.
  • The safe has a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty demonstrating its excellent quality.
  • Quite durable presents one of the best gauge steel for this version of small/medium gun storage vault.
  • Easy to unlock the safe with a dial pad to key-in your combination codes.
  • Spacious enough to fit at least three medium sized handguns plus ammo.
  • Long lasting batteries.
What we didn't like
  • Not easy to retrieve weapons in case of an emergency.
  • Complicated system. Setting up the codes on the biometrics is not easy.
  • The door safe takes about 3 seconds to open once you register the codes.
  • Safe may skid around a smooth surface when the door opens. It’s too heavy to mount in a drawer.

If you’re looking for a push-button gun safe, this is certainly worth your dollars. Unlike other regular gun safes, the Fort Knox Handgun Safe is ideal for storing medium –sized pistols and ammo. The gun cabinet is made of hardened steel and can last for a long time if well maintained. You may experience a few technicalities while registering the biometric prints, but once the scanner picks up all your prints, your subsequent log in become easier and faster to key in.

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9. V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe with Quick Access Lock

As a gun owner, you owe it to yourself and your family to secure your weapon from theft, unsafe handling or fatal accidents. The Brute V-Line Heavy Duty Safe provides a fast, safe, keyless access to your firearm when necessary.

It is a solid, 10-gauge steel design with a highly durable textured finish. The design provides spacious, secure and reliable access to your firearm and other valuables. There’s a pry-proof lid that reaches almost over the entire safe. Other unique features provide additional security to ensure unauthorized persons do not tamper with the safe.


  • The V-Line safe is a large, chunky gun lock-box. It’s very hard to dislodge or pry open.
  • Swift, hassle-free, key-less access to the safe
  • Anti-Pry, Clamshell design covers the entire safe for added security
  • 10-guage steel construction with protective black powder coating
  • Durable, sturdy, laser cut handles
  • Spacious interior for adequate storage
  • Foam lined interior protects firearms from scratching
  • Reinforced faceplate provides tamper-proof capability
  • 4- ¼ inch pre-drilled holes so you can bolt it securely in place
What we liked
  • The V-Line Heavy Duty safe has an attractive, sturdy, durable design
  • Fast, easy, reliable access in emergencies
  • Protective covers overlap the edges to make the safe tamper-proof
  • The spacious, well-padded interior provides adequate storage and shields your firearm from scratches
  • The re-locking system is fast and reliable
  • Reinforced, welded hinges form a sturdy base for added security
What we didn't like
  • The combination may be tedious to set up at times.
  • Some buyers reported that while most safes arrived intact, some of the mounting screws were missing.
  • The hydraulic arm may malfunction at times.

When it comes to gun safety and control, the V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe may be one of the best investments you could make. It’s tamper proof, sturdy, reliable and durable. You can also store important documents along with your firearms. The safety features ensure privacy, security, and peace of mind and it’s easy to set up and maintain.

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10. Steelwater Extreme Duty 45 Long Gun Fire Protection for 120 Minutes AMHD724228

The Steelwater Extreme 45 rifle exceeds the California Justice Department regulatory standards for domestic security vaults. It has a nine gauge steel body construction with decorative slanting edges with Best Fire Proof Gun Safe layers of fireboard measuring 1 ½” in thickness. Complex 5 ¼” thick door with added solid steel plates layers of fireboard.

It has a gear-driven lock system for extra security against drill attacks entails punching, and prying.

Has an attractive gloss powder black coat with silver pin-strip coating and polished handle. It also has a combined heavyweight one and a quarter inch thick joints with elaborate refined chrome bolt in acorn hinge caps.


  • Expandable door seal designed to keep out smoke during a fire breakout.
  • Has a fully padded grey interior that features a three-gun rack section with a capacity of 15 long guns.
  • Space includes eight optional additional shelve space with a gun capacity of fifteen long guns on each compartment and contains eight flexible shelves for additional storage.
  • Maximum Long Gun Dimensions: 45 (15/15/15) (Weight: 1,250 lbs).
  • Average Recommended Long Gun Capacity: 33-39
  • Two hours of fire safety at 1875°F
  • Maximum 45 long gun capacity with an average capacity of 36 long guns.

Lock Options

Key Lock in Dial:

The key lock allows you to safeguard the dial on “0” to avoid tampering. Also used as a day lock where you may unlock the gun safe without the input of the whole combination codes.

Combination Lock:

Combines both the key lock and biometric fingerprints unlocking system. Best gunlock safe that guarantees your peace of mind from intruders as well as kids in your home.

Digital Keypad:

If you prefer quicker access and the power to modify your safe codes. This is it. Dial keypads offer quick efficiency when opening your safe.

What we liked
  • Drill resistant hard plate that protects the main lock, the re-locker, linkages and gear drive.
  • 5 1/4 inch thick door prevents pry bars applied force under the door.
  • 1 1/2 " Locking bolts that add excellent strength to the door.
  • The safe has extra heavy steel outer shell.
  • Re-Locking Device: Two extra internal re-lockers for maximum security
  • Interior programmed led lighting turns on and off automatically when the safe door opens and closes.
  • Fully Carpeted: The interior adjustable carpeted protects the guns from humidity and scratches.
  • Fire protective features. In case of a fire, the protective seal expands to keep off fire out of your gun safe. (120-minute fire protection)

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In Short:

Choosing a gun safe can prove hard, but with the right features and size, you can have the kind of safe/s that you need for all your guns, if you’re a collector, or you own several weapons. This Steel Water model provides just that. I found it quite useful and spacious enough for all my firearms. It's simply great

How to Choose a Best Gun Safe – Features to Consider Before Buying (A proper guideline on how to choose the product)


This is a no-brainer. The size of the safe matters since ideally, you want a gun safe that's large enough to hold your weapon/s and one that does not draw too much attention. It should also contain compartments to keep the ammunition and perhaps other essential valuables that require proper securing.


If your firearm requires a lot of movement, you'll need a portable, and a durable best gun safe, one made of thick steel to contain your guns from theft and unwarranted access from family members or other individuals.

Door Thickness

A best-rated gun safe requires a sturdy thick door to keep off kids and intruders from accessing your firearm.  The best-recommended gun safe doors have a seven gauge outer plate and thick steel, harder enough to withstand any form of break down.

Proof Type

Protection against natural calamities such as water, flood, and earthquakes matters when choosing a gun safe. Be sure to check for unsealed holes in the base of your gun safe. Most secure safes are sealed with fireproof caulking materials. Fire protection includes embedded fiberglass in the sheetrock for fire lining.


Inspect the material used to make the gun safe unit. Consider the complexity of the metal used in the manufacture of the safe. A low-cost metal cabinet will not protect your weapon, and it can easily be split open by burglars, putting you and your family at risk.

Prevent Potential Damage

Modern firearms contain complex technical vulnerable parts, which are prone to harmful external exposure such as heat moisture, and general wear and tear. Understandably, you cannot overlook the eventual damage of your weapons and you, therefore, must store them in a secure, airtight environment to extend their lifetime.

Type of Locks Available

The most crucial function of a gun safe is its safety mechanism. There are two main sets of gunlock options namely;

Mechanical Locks:

These are common and preferred for their strength and the uncomplicated method of operation. On the contrary, automatic locks are slow to open due to the complex lock combinations, which require a little bit of patience when opening them.

Electronic Locks:

Are less complicated, and they use an electric power source to operate.

Types of Gun Safe Locks

Biometric Lock Gun Safes

Biometric Safe Technology is one of the most reliable, best gun safe recognized these days. Biometric equipment relies on physiological characteristics to complete recognition. This involves face scans, palm readers, fingerprint scanners, veins, irises, and voice trackers.


  • Biometric technology accurately and efficiently verifies authorized users.
  • Biometrics requires the gun safe owner to scan and record their fingerprints on the machine. This way, no one else has access to your gun safe.
  • It offers 100% safety as there's no way of retrieving your weapons other than the scanned and saved fingerprints.
  • A Biometric gun safe is smart, user-friendly and provides access to your gun safe within a few seconds.

How Biometric Safe Technology Works

The technology relies mainly on fingerprint scanners which identify individual fingerprint pattern lines and ridges on the scanned fingers. These precise features are automated into the computer system and saved as a coded biometric key. The saved data do not include images of the fingerprint, but a binary code (a series of numbers).

The biometric kit verifies these codes when you scan your fingerprint. The computer only recognizes the saved codes corresponding to your distinctive fingerprint. Biometrics has proved to be a practical security feature for your gun safe.

What to Consider When Buying Biometric Lock Gun Safes:

When shopping for a gun safe, there are things to consider before picking the ideal biometric gun safe. As a gun owner, consider the following issues before you make any purchases:

Local Gun Laws/ Regulations

Most States have gun laws and weapons storage specifications. Ensure that you have met all the regulations regarding firearms and their safekeeping.

Gun laws compel firearms owners to conduct themselves safely, within the confines of the law and have a sense of responsibility to everybody around them.

Size of Safe

When buying a safe, consider the future possibilities of increasing your gun collection, or better still, adding your other valuables in the same safe box.

To avoid making extra gun safe purchases every time you acquire a new gun, get a biometric safe that's big enough for two or more guns. Not the biggest safe you can lay your hands on, but one with extra room for more firearms.


Also consider the production of a potential gun safe, before making your purchase. It should be compact, made of steel, with a wrap-around door. All these crucial features add to the enhanced biometric gun safes in the market.

Biometric Gun Safes Pros and Cons


  • Unique, in that it uses physical attributes to accurately and efficiently verify authorized users only.
  • It provides easy gun access. All you need to do is place your finger on the scanner for a quick scan, and the door will open up.
  • Secure safe for kids or unauthorized personnel.
  • Sturdy safe made of hard steel.
  • Most biometric safes are made of fireproof material making it even safer in the event of a fire breakout.


  • A faulty gun safe mechanism could jeopardize your security and that of your loved ones. If you cannot access a stored firearm renders it useless.
  • Biometric safes do not come at a low price. Be ready to spend a hefty sum for one of the best-rated gun safes in the market.
  • Some biometric gun safes may not work due to identification letdown mostly from battery failure, or a faulty fingerprint reader.
  • Since biometric information is discreet; the fingerprints cannot be recreated or used by another family or a colleague member in case of an emergency.

Manual Lock Gun Safes

There are two distinct types of manual gun safe locks:

Key Locks:

These are standard, old school locks that require a key to open your safe. They're made of steel, not easy to break and can withstand frequent traveling, banging and hard blows but they still won't barge.

Manual gun safes are the oldest gun safes that date back hundreds of years. If caught in a sticky situation, the last thing you need is fumbling with keys which may slow you down when trying to access your firearm.

Nevertheless, manual lock gun safes are great to have around when you're vacationing in the mountains, and you need to carry your weapon with you.

Mechanical/Dial Locks:

Dial locks are slow and secure to lock and unlock. They provide a slower opening mechanism as opposed to the faster biometric or electric gun safety locks. Dial locks are common with long gun safes lock on the access point with a three to five secret number combination.

How a Mechanical Lock Works

A mechanical lock has three discs inside, and a coded dial that requires the right set of combination numbers.

To open the gun safe lock, the doorknob is rotated in opposite directions to decode three altered numbers to unlock the safe open.

The last disc is linked to the combination knob, and a notch on this disc turns the second disc. Similarly, a nick on the second disc rotates the first disc.

Depending on the number arrangement, you can control the lock and turn it clockwise or anti-clockwise. Manufacturers usually set a simple combination at production, which you can alter later with your unique coded numbers you're your security purpose.

Manual Lock Pros and Cons


  • Manual locks can last a lifetime with hardly any breakdown.
  • Greater durability as the safe boxes focus is on mechanical parts and not digital components.
  • Easy access, you can share the codes/keys with your trusted family members when an emergency occurs.
  • No need to worry about a power outage or faulty batteries.
  • Relatively child safe.


  • Fumbling with keys, or codes if caught by surprise and you need to use your gun. Not the best option for quick emergency situations.
  • You may lose your keys or forget the number combinations when under temporary stress.
  • Security breach. Someone could easily master your codes and steal your firearms.
  • Requires manual locking each time you open the safe.
  • Tumblers or the dial discs eventually wear and tear over time and need regular maintenance.

Tips for Mechanical Locks

A manual dial lock is inherently slow and harder to operate. However, its ease of use and speed can be significantly improved upon if you use a particular pattern or combo.

Remember, never to use high numbers over 50, keep the first number in the 40s with the second number between 0 to 25 and third number between 25 to 40.

This will help slash dialing time by half and provide a reasonable level of security. Also, remember never to set the third number between 90 and 25.

Electronic Keypad Gun Safes

Electronic locks include a keypad and biometric (fingerprint) locks. They lock automatically and provide for faster, easier access to your guns. However, as you know, electronic devices do not last forever. With time, some parts begin to fall apart and deteriorate as the years go by. These gun safes also require regular battery changes.

How an Electronic Gun Safe Works

An electronic lock has an internal circuit handle and a keypad as the locking mechanism. The keypad takes in a sequence of numeric entries, once you key in the correct codes. The system decides if the number sequence is correct. It also saves the correct sequence once you feed the numbers on the keypad.

Whenever you unlock your gun safe the electronic safe, the system will only recall the saved codes. If the numbers match, the lock system fires up the opening mechanism, turning the bolts and locks in place.

If you forget the codes, or someone tries to tamper with your gun safe, the device shuts down, or it releases a warning alarm to signal an intrusion.

Key Features to Look Out for in Electronic Gun Safes

Steel Strength:

The exterior walls and the door are made of thick steel, a proven tough metal. It is unbreakable and hard to drill into.

The safe's thickness depends on the gauge measurements. Small safes are made of thicker the steel.


Large gun safes weigh an average of 340 kilograms (750 pounds). The heavy weight makes it difficult to carry around. It is recommended to mount one on the wall or bolted to the ground.

Fire Protection:

Ensure your safe has a thin insulator lining fixed in the safe's interior. Building fires spread so quickly and can nearly melt your gun safe within 10 minutes at approximately 600 degrees Celsius. Make sure your gun safe contains a  UL-rated fireproof lining and large ceramic panels or sheetrock that can maintain the interior below 350 F for up to  4 hours, in case of a fire breakout.

A secure gun safe blends in with your house décor in places such as bookshelves, behind wall paintings and discreet drawers.

Electronic Keypad Gun Safes Pros and Cons


  • Easier and quicker to open as you only have to key in your saved coded numbers.
  • Electric gun safes have a backlight to guide you when opening it even when in total darkness.
  • Keypad has bold Font size making it an excellent choice for visually weakened people.
  • You can quickly change the codes without the help of a technician.


  • Electric safes are battery powered and may run out of power leading to unnecessary automatic lock-outs.
  • If an electrical failure takes place, you cannot access your guns until a technician comes to fix it, or in worst cases, you may have to drill into it.
  • Limited lifespan due to electronic circuits that eventually diminish the gun safe over time.
  • Hinges mounted outside the safe may prove to be a security breach as thieves may saw them off.

Pattern Keypad Combination Gun Safes

A pattern keypad combination lock is one of the best-rated gun safe quick access lock option. Pattern combinations resemble numeric keypads since the design comprises digital buttons. You can unlock your safe when the correct pattern arrangement tallies with the saved combinations.

How Pattern Keypad Combination Gun Safes Work

To open your gun safe, you can key in a coded pattern to unlock the safe. With a pattern combination lock, you do not need to fumble with keypads, to enter a complicated set of numbers.

Pattern Keypad Combination Gun Safes Pros and Cons


  • Installing batteries is easy. Battery replacement once every 2-3 years.
  • Extra opening key lock to push the button and open the safe.
  • Easy to remember pattern locks.
  • Durable gun safes can last up to ten years, but with minor defaults due to wear and tear.
  • Top security features, includes double lock (pattern and key) combination to open the safes.
  • Smart technology safes with biometric fingerprint scanning.


  • Some biometric fingerprint scanners do not work.
  • Pattern lock poses a considerable security risk.
  • No option to pick an unlocking system; you must use both the pattern and key locks to gain access to the safe.

Hand Gun Safe

Pistols or handguns are much easier to hide than shotguns and long rifles. It is safer highly recommended that you keep your pistol in a gun safe to prevent imminent danger, accidents or theft.

Made from heavy steel, the 10-gauge steel Handguns are fully secured with tight hinges on all sides of the safe.

The top covering of the handgun safes run the entire length of the vaults, making it harder for unauthorized entries to the safes. This design makes hang guns safes nearly impenetrable.

How Handgun Safes Work

Most handguns use electronic or mechanic unlocking procedures. Due to the construction of the safe, the locking system works from the top.

The PB1 handgun, for example, contains a gas strut unlocking mechanism to help lift the weighty lid of the safe. The cover remains open while you safeguard or retrieve your handgun from your safe.

Majority of handguns are small sized, with a spacious interior lined with decorative foam

The hinges function with a mechanical double hydraulic pressure system which allows the top to lift easily and stay open when the safe is unlocked.

Biometric handgun safes use fingerprint scanning to read the saved prints for future reference. Most handguns can store up to 1000 fingerprints and allow up to 30 authorized.

The biometric gun safe locks provide quick access in less than 5 seconds. Barska handgun safes offer reserve keys to use in case the battery runs out of charge.

Hand Gun Safe Pros and Cons


  • Most handgun safes have strong mechanical locks.
  • Long lifespan.
  • No worries about electrical issues such as low battery or power shortage.
  • Child safe.


  • Manual relocking required.
  • Slow to unlock, take time to open.

Long Gun Safes

Long rifles pretty much sit in as hobby collections rather than protective weapons. Although you can keep a long gun for both purposes, one use always supersedes another. As the name suggests, you need a bigger compartment for your long rifles.

Sometimes called gun vaults, or stack-on safes, these gun safes are heavy duty, weighing about 750+ lbs.

A quality long gun safe is made from heavy steel, making it bulky and problematic to move. As cumbersome, as they are, long gun safes should be bolted to the floor, preferably in your garage to prevent burglars from shipping it out of your premises.

These large safes are more expensive, but are the most secure, with the highest fire ratings, and can hold ammunition, large amounts of firearms, and other valuables.

What to Consider When Buying Long Gun Safes


Buy a bigger safe than what you need so that you do not run out of space.

Fire Resistance:

Gunfire resistance should be a priority for your best-rated gun safe. Do not go looking for a fireproof safe as you won't find one. Find one that can take more heat in case of an accidental fire.


Check out gun safe brands that offer extra features. Some distinguished gun safe brands such as Browning safes come with a characteristic long gun rack mounted on the door of the safe. It's an impressive feature to store several long guns in a single safe cabinet.


Identify the spot and space dimensions of your gun safe and whether or not your ideal gun safe space requires digging through your floor or a wall that necessitates drilling for mounting your gun cabinet.

Do your calculations and mark the specific location before buying your preferred rifle vault.

Safe Specs:

Check the steel gauge. A heavyweight gauge is problematic to drill through than light gauge steel which works better than thick steel.


Look out for a safe that contains top security features that can also prevent unauthorized break-ins. Some cheap long gun safes open easily with battery-powered tools. A secure safe has trigger re-locks when anyone tries to tamper with the safe. Go for safes with multiple re-lockers.


  • Majority of the long gun safes in the market are made of durable, thick solid steel.
  • The silicone lining in the interior of these safes prevents fire destruction in temperatures as high as 1,200°F. The protective lining can withstand hot flames of up to 75 minutes of incessant fire.
  • long gun safes contain large spaces that can store up to 40 rifles, ammo, and other gun equipment.
  • Interior space includes flexible shelving and additional door compartment storing.
  • Hidden hinges make it inaccessible to intruders and thieves.


  • Immobile due to the bulky nature of the long gun safe.
  • Not 100% fireproof.
  • It takes up extra space in your house.

How to Move a Gun Safe

Moving gun safe's varies with the vault in question. The small ones, though bulky, are manageable. However, experts recommend that you have an extra hand when handling gun safes.

Below is a list of valuable tips to consider when moving your gun safes.

  • Gun safes differ with size: Take into consideration the weight, size and location where to mount your safe. Mind the floors, tiles, and wall decors with your moving activity to prevent floor and wall damage.
  • Know how much your safe weighs: Don't presume. You'll get stuck. You'll get injured. Be precise and work with exact figures regarding weight, distance and the location on where to mount the safe.
  • Have a helper, or move in pairs: Gun vaults are more massive than you presume. Take extra precaution even if you think you can handle a gun safe by yourself. It's better to ask for assistance rather than suffering asset breakage or fatal accidents. This allows you to work with a solid plan and to choose the right equipment for safe moving of your gun chamber.
  • Have a plan: Map out your way before you pick up your safe. Mind the spacing and doorways to make sure you have proper clearance. Ensure there is minimal risk of damaging floors, walls, doors, or anything else in your path.
  • Size: Gun safes come in various sizes depending on the weapon make and its overall size. Most gun safes are bigger than regular box safes, but they typically weigh the same. When choosing a gun safe, it’s crucial to consider the size of your rifles as you do not want to end up with a junk box simply because you bought a size too small for your current gun collection.
  • Use the right equipment: If your safe is too bulky, use rollers to move the safe. Make use of available resources such as hand trucks, steel rollers, pallet jacks and electric stair-climbing equipment to move your safe on higher ground.

Secure your safe firmly if it's strapped in when using tools. Technique always beats brute force.

If the safe accidentally wanders off and falls, do not attempt to salvage it. Let it fall and you can pick it up lest you lose your arms and legs in an attempt to swiftly lift the heavy equipment.

How to Open a Gun Safe

Gun safes in the market today are classified in 3 main categories namely:

  • Combination-lock gun safes
  • Electronic-lock gun safes
  • Key lock gun safes

Among these three gun safes, biometric and key-lock safes are the easiest to lock and unlock, while Key lock safes are the least expensive. Combination locks involve rotating the dial to match three numbers in the correct order and with meticulous skill. Electronic-locks involve the use of unique number codes keyed in on the keypad to open the safe.

Some electronic lock safes require a key, as well to access the safe.

How to Open Combination Lock Safes

Step 1: Rotate the dial a number of times to clear the codes and stop at zero.

Step 2: Turn the knob to your left past zero at least 2-3 times and halt on the first digit.

Step 3: Rotate the dial on the right side, overlook the second number and stop on the next digit.

Step 4: Turn the knob to the left on the third number.

Step 5: Rotate the handgrip clockwise and pull the safe door open.

How to Open Key Lock Safes

Step 1: Insert the key into the keyhole on the lock.

Step 2: Turn it clockwise.

Step 3: Once you hear a click sound, pull open the safe door to access your weapons or to lock them away.

How to Open Electronic Lock Safes

Step 1: Key in the safe's access code into the dial pad.

The access code comprises of a five-digit figure provided by the manufacturer that you must change once you own the safe.

When you key in the numbers on the dial pad, the electronic device blinks and lets out a beep sound to confirm the numbers punched on the keypad.

Step 2: If the safe has a key lock option as well, insert the key and turn the safe clockwise.

Step 3: Rotate the doorknob clockwise to open the safe door and access your safe/weapons.

How to Organize a Gun Safe

The best Gun safes aid by safeguarding your firearms and ammo in a secure place, away from children and unauthorized persons. The number of guns stored in the safe depends on several factors. Among these factors is the organization of items in the safe.

 The following is a step-by-step guide on how to organize a gun safe.

Gun safes are built from durable steel materials with a resilient and rigid casing.

When purchasing a gun safe, get one that fits all your gun storage needs, and includes top security features with flexible unlocking systems.

If you are a gun collector, you can always add more safes to organize your weapons in a neat, secure manner better.

There are several ways to ensure that your guns are protected and well-maintained. These include:

  • Create space by discarding worn out and rusty rifles.
  • To keep your guns in proper working conditions, clean your pistols and long rifles regularly using recommended tools.
  • Organize your gun safe by utilizing every available space to store your guns and ammo.
  • You can start by emptying the contents of your safe and reorganizing them back in an orderly manner.

Typical gun safe components include:

  • Ammunition
  • Guns
  • Gun cleaning kit
  • Rifle Scopes
  • Other valuables such as confidential papers and jewelry

This exercise also allows you to dust the safe and rearrange the racks and carpeting (if it's removable).

After cleaning the safe, you can begin the process of rearranging back the contents based on the following criteria:


If you have more than three guns and other items to stash in the safe, prioritize what goes where to accommodate all the things in an orderly manner.

Size and Space

Once you have prioritized your contents, check the size of your weapons so that the smaller pistols go in first followed by the large or long rifles which you can place in the corners or hang them on  hooks (if any).

If you have to detach the guns, ensure there's enough space for all the parts to be stored securely.

Organizing your Safe

Place the guns, rifles and other items components using these useful tricks:

Place long guns in an upright position; most long gun safes have installed racks and hooks to arrange your firearms and save on the floor space.

The upright organization strategy saves up to 50% of the space in the safe, creating more room, for more content.

Use of Rifle Rods

These are special bars designed to hold the guns easily and support them to stay in an upright position inside the gun safe. Rifle rods increase space saving you up to 35% space in the safe.

Organizing your gun safe in a neat and orderly way also prevents rust and scratches on your weapons. Over time, you have functioning guns because you took the time to organize your safe regularly.

How to Change the Combination on a Gun Safe

Changing the combination for your gun safe lock is essential from time to time;

For your gun safe to stay secure and under the device protection warranty from the brand that sold you its product, you must inform them of the altered lock combination for your dial lock or electronic lock as soon as you change the codes.

How to Change Your Electronic Lock Combination

  • First, keep the gun safe door open, and dial "zero" six times on the keypad.
  • Next, enter the present six-digit lock code, once.
  • Lastly, enter the newly created six-digit code twice, to confirm it.
  • If you make an entry error at a particular point in the process, cancel the session. Wait for thirty seconds and start afresh. Key in the old codes followed by the new lock combination codes.
  • As a standard policy, the safe lock system beeps twice to validate the new codes.
  • If the safe beeps thrice, it means that the new lock combination was not accepted and you have to start all over again.
  • To avoid any possible snags, try out your new electronic lock combination several times before locking the safe's door, for the last time.
  • To secure your codes from unauthorized people, avoid easy numbers such as birthdays and anniversary dates.
  • You can pick random numbers and memorize the codes or save it as a phone number on your cell phone.

How to Change Dial Lock Combination

  • You cannot manually change dial lock combinations on your gun safe.
  • To do this, you have to call a trusted locksmith to alter the codes.
  • You can also schedule an appointment with you gun safe local dealer to make the lock changes for you.
  • Use random numbers to alter your dial padlock combination.
  • Memorize or write down your new codes for ease of reference when you need to open the dial combination lock.

How to Hide a Gun Safe in Plain Sight

Safes offer practical solutions when you think of safeguarding your weapons against children and burglars. But the big Q is where exactly do you stash your gun safes? It's critical to hide the safe from the glare of everyone that comes into your house.

In this section, I'll offer great tips on how to securely hide your gun safe in plain sight. Below is a list of camouflaged ways to conceal your gun safe in plain sight.

  1. False Electrical Outlet

Electrical outlets offer one of the best places to hide stuff. People rarely look into such spaces as they do not expect anything of importance to be stashed there. You can creatively build a haven for your gun safe right in your electrical chamber outlet.

  1. Your Closet Door Frame

Closets contain a lot of hidden spaces, and you can utilize one of the compartments to hide your guns. A cabinet is a perfect spot to hang your long rifles just above the door frame, from the inside. If the frame is too narrow, you can improvise hooks to put it securely across the available space.

  1. Books

Some gun safe stores have ready-made hollowed books to hide handguns. You can also improvise one by carving out the size of your gun on an old hardcover book.

Create enough space to close the cover securely. The best place to hide this "special" book is perhaps in your study. Make sure the book shelve stands strategically near your seat, and the hollowed book should always be within your sight.

  1. Air Vents

Air conditioners offer an ideal safe hiding place. They also provide a deep tactical space to hide a handgun. You can use a running or a dead air vent or air conditioner to conceal a gun in plain sight.

  1. False Floorboards

Wooden floors offer a great safe hiding spot. A discreet place such as behind furniture, under the dining table or near a wall is an ideal spot to dig and stash away your gun safe. Make an unnoticeable cut so that you can remove several pieces of the floor covering to hide access your weapon vault.

  1. Modified Bookshelves/ Cabinets

Modified Cabinets and bookshelves create great hiding spots for your gun safe.

Measure the surface area according to your safe dimensions for a perfect fit.

Make sure the cabinet sits in your office, or it has a glass door to lock it when you're away from home securely.

  1. Thick Picture Frames

Wall paintings and picture frames can offer enough room to hide a small handgun.

Fasten a holster at the back of the painting or picture using an extra thick frame.

You can also buy ready-made gun cabinet options designed to go behind a well-designed picture frame.

  1. Large Pottery

Lovers of nature often have beautiful pottery standing on the patio on somewhere at the corner of their living room. Well, guess what? You can create space at the bottom of a large vase to hide your gun. Wrap the gun carefully with a dry cotton cloth and place it at the bottom of the vessel. Then, buy artificial flowers and fill up the vase with the beautiful flowers which act as an excellent camouflage for your gun hideout space.

  1. A Shelf with a False Bottom

Mounting a deep drawer with a secret compartment is a wonderful trick to hide your gun. Though not unique, a curved out drawer does the trick to create enough room for your weapons. You can ask the local handyman to custom-make one for you, or you can watch videos on how to DIY.

  1. Under Your Couch

Almost all folks I know have a favorite recliner chair or a coach where they love to sit regularly. Seats also offer great hiding places for your guns. Remove the fabric underneath your couch, and there you'll find a secure spot to hide a weapon.

How to Secure a Gun Safe

Your Essentials:

Gun locker

If you possess firearms, and you do not have the right safekeeping tools, you need to construct a gun cabinet. For your family's safety, it is vital that you keep all firearms away from children and all other unauthorized persons.

There are thousands of gun safe brands in the market. Settings up the vaults vary with size and location of storage. The easiest way to mount a gun safe is to find a steel cabinet that meets all the firearm storage legal requirements. Strong vaults are made of titanium steel. Most units already have pre-drilled holes that use well-made unyielding bolts. Once drilled into the holes, the "security" bolts fit perfectly into lag holes drilled in the floor or mounted on a securely hidden wall.

Securing your Gun Safe

  1. Use a marker pen to highlight the holes at the bottom of the safe.
  2. Next, take your revolving hammer and drill holes in the flooring, or on a wall. Use a heavy-duty drill designed for concrete. Wear protective gear to cover your eyes and ears during the drilling task.
  3. Once your holes are ready, install the anchors/rods into the floor to go into the security lags through the holes on the vault’s floor.
  4. You'll need a security bit to attach the lags through the floor of the safe.

Large Gun Cabinets

Large gun safes hold long firearms such as long hunting or shooting rifles. The locking systems in these safes contain complex locking systems to guarantee extra safety for your weapons.

Installing Gun Vaults

  1. Long gun safes weigh so much that it is advisable to install them on a concrete floor. Your ideal location for the safe should be stable enough to endure the weight.
  2. Drill the holes and insert rods to fit in your safe. Due to the massive size, large gun safes come with additional pre-drilled holes with slight diameter differences.
  3. The vaults contain extra mounts, located in the safe wall section to allow mounting in a corner, and to make it secure enough for illegal entry.
  4. Your wall should be made of concrete or solid, impenetrable brick walls. Mount your gun cabinet up against a stable brick wall, because it is more secure to use than wood walls.

4 points to consider Before Mounting your Safe:


Gather all firearms to determine the ideal gun safe required to store all your weapons.  For an extensive gun collection, a gun vault is perfect, but for a smaller gun collection then a small gun cabinet will suffice.


A gun cabinet should ideally be stable, and unbreakable made with heavy locks and hinges. Buy a heavy metal gun safe that is hard to break in or wear off quickly over time.


Choose a discreet place for mounting your safe. If you have a collection of antique firearms, then you need extra thick vaults with protective glass doors and additional secure locking systems.


Go for the safest locking systems such as electrical locks and biometric fingerprint locking codes. You can also combine these with key locks for added security.

How to Build a Gun Safe Room in Your Basement

Your family safety comes first. It is also imperative to plan for safety in the event of a home invasion or robbery. A gun safe is a secure, armored, and well-locked area that can keep you safe in times of emergencies. If you have basic construction skills, you can build a safe room at an ideal spot anywhere in your house to hide your weapons and ammunition.

It is important to secure your guns in a locked compartment, away from your kids and other unauthorized individuals. Some kids like to experiment and play with stuff they find around the house. Do not let your rifles to fall into the wrong hands. The consequences can be quite fatal.

Simple guide for Basement gun safe construction

  1. Fortified Wall

Build an interconnecting wall made from used coal blocks as the outer barricade for the safe. Make three solid walls and strengthen these blocks with reliable cement to reinforce the walls.

Set each coal block evenly to achieve a uniformly level height.

  1. Ventilate the Safe

Your safe will need circulating air to make it moisture free and to protect your guns from regular wear and tear. To prevent humidity in the safe, drill a hole through the top covering of the safe to ventilate it.

Ensure that the cement has dried up completely before you drill into it. The hole lets in fresh air into the safe when the door is sealed shut.

  1. Build a Door

I highly recommend a pre-made safe door. A ready-made safe door is made of impenetrable steel. It has a great lock and discharge mechanism for maximum protection of the safe contents.

  1. Build an Additional Enclosure

Construct a compartment in the vault for packing your rifles. You can build on a corner in the trunk, by adding two block columns. Depending on the number of your rifles plus ammo, construct enough space to fit all your guns.

  1. Firearm Safety Regulations

According to NSSF CEO, Steve Sanetti, most domestic firearm accidents are preventable if gun owners used the right storage devices. Sanetti affirms that firearm owners need to lock their weapons to thwart misuse and accidents.

NSSF's gun safety guidelines include:

  • Keep the muzzle away from the safe door.
  • Store your guns unloaded. Store the ammunition separately but in the same gun compartment.
  • Store your guns in a secured vault at all times.
  • Use a firearm locking device to disarm your guns when not in use.
  • If possible, educate your teenagers about gun safety guidelines.

How to install a gun safe

Contrary to common belief, it's easier to install a gun safe in your home with the assistance of one or two extra handymen.

Necessary steps to follow when installing a gun safe.

  1. Find a Good Spot

The basement is a popular storage space since it's the least used part of the home.

You can also mount a safe on the wall and use decorative wall hangings and cabinets as your camouflage from prying eyes.

Make sure your floor is either made of solid concrete or hardwood that won't fall apart when you drill through the floor.

  1. Move the Gun Safe into Position

Once you have identified the right spot for your safe, and drilled into the hard floor. You can now move your safe carefully and mount it into the prepped space.

The door should open easily without difficulty or walls getting in the way.

The floor should be strong enough to support the weight of the safe with all of your weapons loaded in it.  The safe should sit right in the middle and not rub up against any walls, as this can damage and devalue your walls. Be careful not to scratch the sides of your safe when mounting it.

  1. Secure the Safe

Next, secure the safe in place by bolting it tightly to the ground, or on the mounted wall. Use half an inch bolts or thick lag screws to hold the safe in place securely. Drill the bolts/screws in all the four corners of the safe to prevent burglars from taking off with your safe and all its contents.

Use a heavy-duty chain and a padlock to lock down the vault securely and prevent potential thieves from getting away with your safe.

Make the door of the safe easily accessible with no obstacles getting in the way.

As a safety precaution, ask for help before you begin your loading tasks. It's not an easy job, and you do not want to break your back trying to lift a massive 300 pound safe.


1.What is a Biometric Gun Safe?

A biometric safe uses fingerprint scanning system to unlock gun safes.

It registers your fingerprints and creates a unique digital signature generated on your distinct pattern configuration and saves it for future reference. Most biometric safes allow you to record hundreds of prints scanned from any of your fingers using different angles. Whenever you open a safe using fingerprint scanning, the biometric system matches your finger scan with the stored database fingerprints. If it matches any of the stored fingerprints, the biometric system should beep twice, and you can access your safe by opening the doorknob successfully.

2. What is a Stack-On Gun Safe?

Stack-On is a renowned gun safe brand that sells a variety of affordable gun cabinets and vaults. These safes offer budget restricted folks a wide selection of choice with firearm storage products. Stack-On launched their products in 1972 in Illinois.  Starting out with toolboxes, cabinet and other home storage spaces, they gradually grew the product lines to accommodate gun owners' home safety needs. Most gun owners trust Stuck-On gun safes since they have repeatedly provided secure gun cabinets and also offer exceptional customer service to all their clients.

3. What Size Gun Safe Do I Need?

Picking a gun safe size is critical since all your weapons and other valuables must be stored safely, securely and in the right manner. Without the correct gun safe size, you cannot achieve this crucial task.

A 10 gun safe, for example, may fit two other smaller pistols and probably a few other items. But filling your gun storage space to capacity is not ideal since you will require extra effort and time, fetching a particular gun and putting back in all the rest each time you need access to your guns. It is therefore recommended that you buy a large enough gun cabinet, or better still, separate your rifles in two or three safes for convenience and better storage of all your rifles.

 4. What Type of Gun Safe Should I Buy?

Well, it depends on how much you want to keep your gun safe.

Consider the number of weapons you have, plus the ammo and other accessories such as grips, rings, scopes, fore-ends and pods.

Also, bear in mind your floor type and the amount of space required to mount your gun safe. If you have long rifles, consider buying a gun cabinet that can accommodate both long and short guns.

If you plan on using the safe for regular access to your weapons, this narrows down your gun lock options for both convenience and security features.

5. How Much Does a Gun Safe Weigh?

The type of firearm/s you own determines the ideal gun safe weight for your storage needs. Simple safes can weigh from 10-50 pound while the heavy duty gun safes range from 100 pounds to 1000 pounds. You can buy a safe from this weight range depending on your gun collection.

The recommended weight suitable for portable guns falls within the range of 50 – 100 pounds. A hidden gun safe mounted in the wall of your home should weigh at least 25 pounds. If you own a considerable amount of firearms, it is recommended that you choose a safe that weighs 500 pounds onwards.


I believe that you're now armed with all the necessary details to buy a gun safe for your firearms storage. Remember, besides the safety factor you must put into consideration ease of access to your weapons in the event of a break in. Your family also comes first, as you do not want your kids to stumble upon your gun cabinets easily. Keep the safe concealed and out of reach from your kids. The market is flooded with all sorts of gun safes, but with my Best gun safe review, I believe you have found a most suitable safe for your guns. Go through the features pros and cons listed with every gun cabinet above, and am sure you already have a perfect vault to store your firearms.

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