How a Biometric Gun Safe Works in 2019

A biometric gun safe is an upgrade from the traditional key or combination systems.It’s easy to operate by scanning your fingerprint for easy access when needed.

When dealing with firearms, any safety consideration is worth exploring. While there are many choices, biometric gun safes provide a high level of security for you and your family.

How the safe works

Biometrics measure fingerprints, signature, eye and hand movements, and other physical attributes in order to verify user identification. With biometric technology, it’s harder to steal or recreate personal information.Apart from your home safe, the system is ideal for banks, locker rooms, and business institutions.

To access a biometric safe, certain information has to be in place:

  1. Users have to register by providing information and personal features that are unique to them only.
  2. Each registers their personal information which is stored in a form the system can easily recognize.
  3. The technology then generates a personal profile through its network. The system will analyze the information and either accept or reject any individual access to the safe.

Some safes may use additional security mechanisms to support the security of the safe. Biometric gun safes depend mainly on fingerprints to allow access to the firearms.

Opening the safe:

There’s a small display window where the user places the finger to verify their identity.

When a user presents their fingerprint, the scanner compares the print against what is stored in the coding system.

Since no two fingerprints are alike, it will easily detect false information and deny access to the safe.

Locating your biometric gun safe:

Where you set up your safe depends on its size, and how much access you will allow. The best place must be close to the area you plan to set up the fingerprint scanner.

Since the system can store several fingerprints, you must choose the best area to secure your property from unwanted attention. Aim to keep your safe out of direct contact with children or house guests.

Other factors include fire, flood, theft, floor space and temperature will determine where you place your safe. Place the safe on a solid slab like concrete, or inside existing closet, drawer or cabinet and bolt it in place.

It may be useful to include some type of lighting to help you locate it in the dark for hassle-free access in emergencies.


To minimize chances of theft, you may consider the basement. Apart from storage, it’s also a good place to protect your safe from fire.


Humidity can cause your guns to rust.  To reduce damage, you may stabilize your safe by placing it under an existing slab or other sturdy structure away from direct air.


To protect against flood waters, install your safe on upper basement floors or the spaces between windows.

Fast, secure access:

With biometric gun safe technology, you can decide who can access your gun safe.

These types of safes are becoming more popular for its high degree of safety and security.

They also help reduce the chances of children or house guests tampering with your safe.

They are reliable and provide easy, fast access to your firearm especially in cases of emergency.

There’s no need to remember a combination especially if you’re under pressure.


Biometric gun safe locks are electric. They operate by battery or your power supply. You can use an electric combination or fingerprint lock to secure your firearms.

Choosing a biometric gun safe:


Safes come in various weights and sizes. Your best bet is a solid steel of up to 12-guage capacity. A double wall design with inner hinges for additional layers of security against theft or damage.


Before choosing a biometric gun safe, check for fire-proof rating. Make sure the features protect your firearms for the standard period until help arrives.


it may also be good to ensure your safe is drill proof. Intruders may be able to use your own tools to dislodge your safe if you’re away from home.


Choose a biometric safe with space for your gun and ammunition. Size may also depend on whether you plan to store personal documents along with your firearms.

Programming your biometric safe:

You can set up your safe to alert you when there’s smoke or if the batteries need changing.

Avoid systems that make sounds when opening or closing. It may alert intruders that you are close by.


Biometric gun safes provide a higher level of safety and security than regular combination safes.They provide quick, reliable access and help secure your firearm for peace of mind while protecting your family.

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