How a Mechanical Lock Gun Safe Works in 2019

Any gun lock safe is important to ensuring your family’s safety while protecting your possessions.It’s your responsibility to ensure your gun is in a safe place from children, intruders or visitors to your house.

Any safe you choose should provide protection and easy access to your gun in emergencies. Mechanical lock gun safes are highly durable, reliable and safe to use.

How do they work?

Mechanical locks have no electronic parts and do not require batteries to operate.The manufacturer sets the combination code which unlocks the safe throughout its lifespan.

The combination usually comprises three numbers in code sequence in order to open the safe.Users have to turn the lock a few times in a certain order to unlock the safe.

Gun owners must find the best way to remember or record the combination to maintain security.If for any reason they cannot access the code, a locksmith has to change the lock.

Although mechanical locks are safe, it may be difficult to open under pressure, given the length of time it requires to break the code.


Mechanical gun safe locks comprise 3 internal discs that link to a code dial.Users have to turn the door knob a few times in the right order to decipher the three number combinations.

The dial opens when you apply the right combination numbers on the dial.The three internal discs work in turn to finally crack the code.

As you turn the combination dial, each disc has a notch that connects each dial on the wheel.When you spin the last disc, the combination knob releases the notches in sequence from the second to the first and opens the safe door.

How to set the combination codes:

  • Since opening a mechanical gun safe can be a long process, it’s best to keep your numbers on the lower end.
  • The sequence will reduce the length of time it takes to crack the combination under pressure. You don’t want to fumble or panic in emergencies.
  • Keep your combination numbers below 50. Studies suggest the first number should be in the 40’s range.
  • Next, choose the second number from 0 to 25, and the third number between 25 and 40.

Opening a combination lock gun safe:

Rotate the dial a few times to bring it to zero to clear the codes.  It will reset the combination, so users have to re-enter the code to unlock the safe.

A full turn is complete every time you pass a number:

  1. Rotate the dial to the left or counter-clockwise up to three times. Stop the dial at the first number on the index.
  2. Turn the dial to the right or clockwise. Rotate it past the second number twice and then stop at the index mark on the third turn.
  3. Next, turn the dial to the left or counter-clockwise. Go pass the third number and stop when you reach the index point on the second turn.
  4. Rotate the dial the right or clockwise until the dial gives a slight resistance. To open the lock, use your fingertips; turn the dial until it comes to a stop.
  5. Spin the handle to the right or clockwise and draw back the bolt to open the safe door.


Mechanical gun lock safes are highly durable, sturdy and reliable. They provide a safe, secure environment to store and access your firearm when needed.

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