How an Electronic Gun Safe Works in 2019

State laws provide guidelines to ensure guns are safe from access to persons who are not authorized to use them.Electronic gun safes operate by a keypad and internal circuit handle.

Users key in a series of numeric codes to unlock the safe.Electronic gun safes offer many safety features which help protect your loved ones and keeping intruders out.


  • They are convenient, safe, durable, and easy to operate.
  • Users don’t have to monitor keys or remember combinations to access entry.
  • You can use more than one combination with the locking system.
  • Users can run periodic audits to see check on persons accessing the safe.
  • You can program different combination codes for multiple users.

How electronic gun safes work:

Electronic gun safes work by battery power. The buttons work similar to your telephone keypad and it also has a rotary dial. When you enter the combination, there’s a beep which indicates our actions.

Most locks have a faceplate which displays the keypad to make it easy to read, especially for visually impaired persons.  There’s also back lighting for opening the safe in the dark.There’s a locking system on the inside of the safe.

The electronic keypad transmits your number code to the electrical circuit.The system stores your combination code and scans it to ensure the right sequence. If the sequence is right, the circuit triggers the locking mechanism, and rotates the deadbolts and locks to open the safe.

After a series of wrong entries, the entire locking system may cose off for a short while or shut down completely.The system stores your combination in the event of a power failure.

When you replace the battery, the information is available without any issues.There’s also no need to hire a locksmith to change the pass code if necessary.


The size you choose depends on your needs and the size of your gun or collection of firearms.There are a variety of electronic locks available that can hold shotguns as well as rifles.

Some electronic gun lock safes can fit into an existing desk drawer. You may also drill it into a wall, upright cabinet or onto the flooring.


To insure against theft, users can set a time delay mode which creates a lag between the code entry and the time the safe unlocks.You can also set the lock to require 2 separate codes in or der to unlock the safe.

You can upgrade your electronic gun safe with a biometric system, or add a combination, manual or dual locking system. It will provide a backup if your electronic lock fails.


The keypad may wear down from time to time and you’ll need to change the batteries at least once per year.The electrical circuit may also fail occasionally.

When this occurs, you’ll need to replace the outer part of the lock to open the safe.You will also need to service the locking mechanism often to avoid other persons duplicating your actions.


Electronic gun safes are reliable, secure, and easy to access when necessary. They operate on battery power but can fail if you enter the wrong sequence of numbers.

Your electronic safe is easy to program, and does not require professional help to change the code.The safes offer many features to help ensure safety and security. Some models are suitable for use in the home, office or vehicle.

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